Case Studies

National Franchise Pharmacy Chain The objective of the campaign was to drive Local Store prescription business for select stores.  We mapped out store addresses and focused on the trading area for each location by isolating LOCAL cable zones that cover the agreed upon trading area.  High frequency schedules were purchased using local cable only, with a network selection targeted to qualitative and quantitative customer criterion. Our Results – Stores that had support in LOCAL cable flights saw an increase in their business that was 26% higher than stores that did not participate.


Above Ground Swimming Pools This regional direct response client needed to generate leads more cost efficiently for their above-ground swimming pools.  They service Southern and Midwest markets, with a limited six-month selling season.  Corinthian recommended a switch to :60 creative from the :30 TV spots that had been used previously.  Based on our experience with similar direct response products, we were confident the change in creative length would increase the effectiveness without negatively impacting clearance. Our Results – Call volume tripled with the campaign generating over 10,000 calls in some weeks! This was the most successful season in the company’s history, with an average cost-per-lead: $12 – $14 on a product that sells for thousands of dollars.


Local Martial Arts Chain This local market karate center was getting poor results.  We initiated a comprehensive analysis of their historical planning and buying, and did additional qualitative research.  Based on insights gained, Corinthian refocused the target demographics, with particular emphasis on kids and young mothers with Kids 2-6.  With a change in the target, the media plan was revamped to deliver more efficient and focused media buys. Corinthian was able to negotiate increased frequency, prime time exposure and added networks previously “too costly to go near”. Print was reduced and over-the-air television was used for the first time. Our Results – Overall media efficiency and sales performance increased dramatically: – 262% increase in call volume! – 52% reduction in CPL drastically improving media efficiency! – 35% increase in sales — in historically poorly performing markets!


Retail Quick Service Franchise The objective was to increase awareness and sales for a Top 25 market with a limited number of stores.  Support from third party research confirmed our experience that the market profile was older with a high cable penetration. By utilizing cable as the media base and then adding broadcast for reach, we were able to increase the number of advertising weeks from 7 to 18 for the second half of 2008.  We also employed a local cable AdTag program which adds the local store address based on the cable viewing area. This gave a more local feel to the campaign and let people know the store was in their neighborhood. In broadcast, the dayparts were narrowed to the highest sales volume hours of the day, and the title sponsorship of High School Football was negotiated as added Value. Our Results – When we took over the market, there had been negative comp sales and store closings for years. The market is now positive for the past 2 years and has just opened the first NEW store in the market in several years.


Retail Quick Service Franchise: Midwest Market The objective was to help grow the share of stomach in a market with a lot of National competitors and a VERY strong regional player.  The media needed to make our pizza client seem bigger in the market versus all this competition.  To that end we increased the use of :15 in broadcast, concentrated media during the highest sales volume hours of the day and implemented a direct response approach to local cable to increase efficiencies.  This allowed the client to increase their advertising presence from 24 to 44 weeks.  This TV strategy was supported further by local market print and  a College Football package to target consumers at the end of year.  Our Results  – This Midwest DMA was the top performing market in the chain on a comp basis for 2009.


Web based National Credit Service The objective was to grow in a stagnating environment.  The client had been driving prospects to the web via online advertising only and their growth had plateaued.  Corinthian added television to the media mix with a drive to the web.  Our Results – Volume increased 82%, and client was able to sell the company at a large profit.