History & Philosophy

Who is Corinthian Media?

Corinthian Media is a full service media strategy, planning and buying company. Since 1974, Corinthian Media has provided clients with an entrepreneurial interest in their business, innovative thinking, superior service, detailed performance analysis and tough negotiating to maximize their budgets. With state of the art tools for research, planning and buying analysis, Corinthian Media is known for innovative media placements, aggressive negotiations and proven delivery. Our staff of talented professionals are always available to provide marketing and media support for our local, regional and national clients.

What makes Corinthian Media different?

• Independent ownership, independent thinking. Corinthian Media continues to be a privately held company which means we answer only to you.

• Top level management is always involved in our clients’ day to day business.

• Corinthian Media is flexible with an unparalleled ability to react quickly to our clients’ needs.

• Corinthian Media is a full disclosure agency.

Our Philosophy

Listen. Immerse ourselves in our clients’ business. Create media plans that offer solutions and impact results. Provide exceptional client service and out-deliver the marketplace.