Return on Investment

“Your development of media strategy and implementation of our corporate image campaign, in concert with our merchandising event provided an advertising synergy that contributed to an increase in ShopRite’s market share in very competitive markets.” Joe Clark, Director of Advertising, Wakefern Food Corp.



“My background, as a principal and former chairman of Yankelovich Clancy Shulman, afforded me the opportunity to meet and work with some of the best known and brightest minds in the advertising and marketing fields. I would rank Corinthian up there with the best.

Based on our experience and success, I can confidently recommend them to you as your best choice when looking for a media buying service.” Robert S. Shulman, Chief Marketing Officer, Linblad’s Expedition



“I am very pleased to say that our relationship with you and with Corinthian has enabled WLTW to continue to maintain its position as the #1 music radio station in the New York area. Your unwavering commitment to your product and understanding of our goals, has enabled us to achieve placement is some of the most coveted television viewing times and programming, across the board.” Bridget Sullivan, Marketing Director, 106.7, Lite FM



“For many years, Corinthian Media has serviced the Chelsea account with uncompromising professionalism and dedication. You were able to grow with us and experience our success, a success to which you contributed significantly through television and radio placements on our behalf as well as the promotional executions our outlet centers have enjoyed over the years.

Our top priority has always been to achieve strong, efficient buys. The entire Corinthian team demonstrated time and again that they truly understood our goals and expectations in promoting the Premium Outlet brand. You have always been able to anticipate our concerns and you knew exactly how to present the details of each buy.  Corinthian has been a complete service to Chelsea – often pulling together research, following up on inquiries, handling traffic requests, providing copy needs, explaining geographic breakouts and accommodating our every need and/or request.” Kathleen Magnier, Media Director, Chelsea Property Group



“Corinthian’s personal attention far exceeded my expectations. As a regional operator you wonder, will your business get the attention it requires to grow? I am unequivocally convinced; no one can match Corinthian’s level of service and sincere dedication to our business. They go way above and beyond the normal responsibilities of a media buyer.

… Corinthian treats every dollar like it’s their own, and has our best interest in mind at all times.” Marie Palumbo, Director of Marketing, Tiger Schulmann’s Karate